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Specializing in Water Damage Restoration for 20 years!

If you have a water damage event now, Call Us

We can arrive in less than 2 hours to extract water and set up drying equipment, and begin the restoration process.

518-524-6004   We are fully insured

All of our prices will be in mutual agreement with your insurance company


Water Damage:  

1.  All of our prices will be in mutual agreement with your insurance company.  We state this in writing on our work authorization form.

2.  We have 20 years of experience.  We have been certified for water damage restoration work.

3.   We have all the state of the art drying equipment all large restoration companies have.

The key to good water damage restoration is experience, and having fantastic drying equipment;  which we do.   Ashley's has performed close to 1000 water damage jobs over the last 20 years, and with that kind of experience comes a level of knowledge that enables us to know what to do on every single water damage job we encounter.  


Our goal on water damage losses:  Complete drying of every square inch of your home or business, to prevent mold, while doing the least amount of deconstruction to your home or business.  Unfortunately,  most water damage losses require cutting lower walls, removing base boards, carpets, taking down ceilings etc..  This is necessary to open up all areas that are water damaged to accomplish complete structural drying.  Because we have so much experience, we know what insurance companies will allow us to do before an adjuster arrives.  We know when we can discard carpets, cut open walls, remove ceilings and when we should not do that kind of deconstruction.  Again, this knowledge has taken years to learn, and now I can state very emphatically, we are really good at water damage restoration.   

Day 1 of a Water Damage loss:  Be aware of potential electrical hazards.  This can be life and death.  If an electrical breaker fails to trip, a person can get electrocuted.  So be contentious about potential electrical cords in water.  If possible to not cross a flooded room, shutting off breakers to water damaged rooms is wise.

Ashley's Arrives:  1.  We assess the scope of the water damage using a moisture meter determining every where the water has traveled.  Ashley's takes a surplus of pictures for the insurance company.

2.  We make a plan of remediation and discuss that plan with the owner and put that plan in writing.

3.  The first day usually involves extracting all water, moving and organizing all contents.   Separating contents that are wet.

4.  We set up drying equipment.

5.  We begin advanced  drying procedures involving discarding carpets, pads, trim removal, cutting lower walls.

6.  Every thing we do is in mutual agreement with the owner, and the adjuster.  However, many times all work is finished before an adjuster ever arrives.  That is where experience is important in making decisions that are correct, and that we know an adjuster will say that was a good decision.

7.  In many ways we become your advocate for the insurance company.  Water damage losses are not fun and can be very disruptive to your life.  Are job is to accomplish complete drying in every square inch of the water damage loss, preventing mold.

8.  We take great care in protecting your home, contents, and health.  As we deconstruct, we will set up containment walls of plastic to protect non damaged areas of your home from being damaged by deconstruction dust.  While any advanced work is taking place, we will create negative air flow by exiting duct tubes out windows attached to high speed fans, which will blow all dust out that window.

9.  The key to everything we do is communication.  You need to know exactly what we are doing and why.  As  a restoration company, I have learned that all customers want constant communication about the entire process of what we are doing, and we communicate that to the customer at all times.

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