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Steam Cleaning


You can't rent this.  Professional carpet cleaning start with a powerful until permanently attached to a van.  There are hundreds of different truck-mounts available.  Prochem is one of the best in the industry, and the everest is their top of the line unit.  Buying the best helps us produce the highest possible carpet cleaning quality.  This machine creates steam (230-250 degree water), and it has its own 120 gallon on board water tank and 100 gallon recovery tank.  It creates enough suction that we can clean with two lines, each 250 long.  

Rotary Scrubber

The Carpet Cleaning Process:  First we pre-spray your carpets with a pre-treatment that starts to break down the dirt.  Then we use a rotary scrubber if the carpets are really dirty.  Just the pre-spray and scrubbing alone makes a big difference.  In most homes, we do not need to scrub.  But on dirty commercial carpets, scrubbing and then steam cleaning does a fantastic job of restoring carpets.

Steam Cleaning

We steam clean at 230-250 degrees.  The high heat creates energy that removes dirt from your carpets.  As we clean, we use a chemical called all fiber rinse with a very small amount.  This is a very safe chemical.  The key to carpets staying clean longer, is extracting out all the water we put in and through your carpet.  Plus we again use very little chemical in the first place.  We know from experience, that this process works and commercial customers that have used us for over 20 years, are doubling the life of their carpets.  

Large Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We love large commercial carpet cleaning repeat jobs.  Year after year we are rehired at the same commercial jobs because  we have great equipment and we do fantastic work.

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